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Jonathan Kirk breaks down the importance of Real estate websites for agents and real estate websites for investors & creating evergreen content around your niche areas of expertise.


So now more than ever, there’s more and more companies that are saturating our industry with SMS text messages, ringless voicemail, automated voice broadcast, cold callers, mailings, et cetera. It’s just becoming too saturated for the talented salesperson to break through and feel like that’s something they can scale upon. So more than likely, we were going to be making these changes in our business eventually. But, what COVID has taught us is that we’ve now been forced to do it quicker than we ever had to or expected that we’re going to. What needs to happen now is sales professionals need to get their businesses online in the eyes of the biggest search engines on the planet because that’s the place where people are lined up waiting to purchase your services and purchase your products.


So if we’re not building evergreen content into our websites, our YouTube channels and our Google My Business profiles, we’re slowly and slowly becoming more of a commodity in the eyes of these search engines and our local communities. But soon, you’re going to see more and more sales professionals ranking for their chosen keywords that they want to rank for, giving big technology a run for their money. Who doesn’t want to live the highest possible quality of life? Everybody does. That’s what we all strive for. We eat good food to have a higher quality of life. We exercise to have a higher quality of life. We do all of these things to enhance and improve our lives. Why wouldn’t we take measures to enhance our business the same way we enhance our own lives?

That’s exactly what this is. It’s like taking your business to the gym and making your business healthy so it can sustain long term, building long-term momentum, which is then going to turn your business into a long-term valuable asset that will never stop working for you. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. It doesn’t matter what field you’re in. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. If you’re a self-employed business owner or you’re a sales person that wants to grow your business in your authority online, this is absolutely for you. So, what we’re offering is a step-by-step process to ensure that you create that authority in your local market, that you’re valid in the eyes of your consumers and your clientele, and that you’re ending up showing up on the very first pages of Google and YouTube and the search engines indefinitely so you can step away from the lead generation side of the business and focus on actually servicing the business that’s coming in.

You have to take the steps to create the content, do your keyword research, and it’s inevitable. It’s almost a mathematic algorithmic certainty that you’re going to get to page one as long as you’ve done your keyword research and you create the content that’s relevant, current and original around those keywords. All you need to do is consult with a professional that’s already been there and done that before. If you’re working with somebody who already has the results that you want to accomplish and obtain on your own, then it’s just a matter of time before you take action on the same steps that that professional took so you can get the same results that they got. I didn’t even understand what is blogging. In actuality, we’ve already got pre-written libraries with hundreds and hundreds of blog posts that you don’t have to think or worry about writing.

They’re already written for you. Once you get a solid foundation built up with this, it’s not going to take the same amount of effort that at once sit in the beginning to get the results that you’re now getting. You can take your foot off the gas pedal of creating the content, creating the videos, because those videos work for you over and over and over again. They never lose their relevancy. That’s the whole point of evergreen content. What you’re going to experience as we start working together is a community of like-minded individuals like yourself through our elite private Facebook group where all my one-to-one consulting clients, we collaborate and the mastermind together.

This is for the business owner, the sales professional that desires a better way, that knows that they have a service or a product to bring to the marketplace that solves major problems and they deliver massive value, just not enough people know about them yet. This is not for the person that’s just looking for that quick fix, that overnight success. But, this is going to reward you. If you’re able to put in the work and stay consistent with it over time, you will see the results. So if you’re ready to create the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted in your personal and professional life, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your form filled out below and I’ll be personally reaching out to talk to you.

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