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Real Estate SEO With Jon David Kirk

Jon Explains how checking out what your competition is doing will help you dramatically before you get started!

Hey guys, Jon David Kirk here with and JDK Real Estate Coaching and Consulting. Chances are you’ve probably landed on this video because you were searching for real estate SEO, fortunately you landed in the right place. I am a local real estate agent here in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as an investor, and I’ve actually built my business to be almost a hundred percent online through my lead generation of getting my off market listings, as well as my off market investor properties through my website, through organic SEO, and targeting keyword research, as well as utilizing my Google, my business profile, as well as my YouTube channels, and utilizing real estate SEO with that as well.

One tip that I can give you guys if you’re looking to get your videos ranked your blogs ranked, or your websites ranked, is to actually check out your competition. This is the one time that I would actually tell you to look and see what your actual competition is doing to see what they’re doing to rank on the page one of Google for your chosen keywords, and see if those keywords are any keywords that you might want to create content around so you can start ranking for those keywords as well. You’re going to want to check the competition on Google as well as YouTube.

Now keep in mind when you do your keyword research it’s only going to show you the keyword search volume for Google, it’s not going to show you for YouTube, but you have to imagine that it’s going to be about half of the amount that’s on Google people are searching on YouTube, okay guys? So this is just one of the many tips and tricks, features and benefits and things that we teach and consult on here at JDK Coaching and Consulting. So if you’re looking for a real estate SEO, feel free to visit my website again at If you found this video helpful please drop me a link or a comment down below, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you guys on the next one.






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