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Real Estate Coaching with Jon David Kirk Breaks Down One Of His Real Estate Agent Tips For Creating Evergreen Content That lasts The Test Of Time

What’s up y’all. Jonathan here with and JDK Real Estate Coaching and Consulting. Chances are you probably typed in a keyword, real estate coaching, and this is a different type of real estate coaching. If you are looking to be a commodity, then go ahead and swipe to the next video and go towards different types of coaching that are outdated techniques like cold calling door knocking, sending out mailers. Hamster wheel type stuff of when you stop doing it, the leads and income stop coming in. You can swipe to the next video because this video is not for you.

However, if you want to be an authority long-term, and you want to create a dominant authoritative website and presence online in the eyes of the biggest search engines on the planet as well as your local communities, then listen on, because guys, I have already created that same flexibility, freedom and fortune within my real estate sales business. If you were to type in keyword terms into Google like Baltimore Realtors, which is Googled over 590 times per month, you would see that I’m ranking on page one of Google for that keyword. The way you would know that it’s searched over 590 new times per month is because I’m going to give you a free tidbits so you can do some keyword research prior to you creating any content in the future to ensure that it’s not only evergreen content, but to ensure that people that you’re actually looking to work with are typing that term into Google, so you can get found and reverse engineer the way that you generate your clients in the future to create more freedom and flexibility and get off of that hamster wheel of having to always go trade your time in proportion to the business that you generate.

So go ahead and go to Google, and download Keywords Everywhere into your Chrome browser. It’s a plugin, so you can simply Google Keywords Everywhere. Go ahead and request, download the API key. So you put it in your email. They will send you instructions on how to upload that Keywords Everywhere API key into your Chrome Browser. So then you too can have the power at your fingertips to be able to Google a keyword term like realtors and the city you’re in, or sell my house fast in the city you’re in, to see if it’s a keyword phrase worth creating content around. So you guys, it’s all about creating content around targeted keywords, which are actually being searched into Google, and then making that content relevant, current and original, so it stays evergreen and stays up there ranking and working for you over and over and over again.

These are just one of the many tips and tactics that we actually teach and coach and consult on here at JDK Consulting. So if you guys are interested in more information or just want to pick my brain on maybe providing some value to you without any expectation of what we receive in return, feel free to reach out to me. Go to my website, Go ahead and request time on my calendar. I’d be happy to chat with you for as long as it takes to help you discern whether or not this might be for you, or maybe I could point you in another direction that you guys are looking to go in. So for real estate coaching and a hybrid version that will help you create authority with flexibility, fortune, consistency, and predictability within your business, visit Be looking forward to chatting with you guys here in the near future.



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